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November 20th, 2022

Compass Points the Way

"Follow along on our DIY adventure as we develop our little property and ease our way to self-sufficiency." -Our Stormy Acres

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About The Book

Compass Points the Way is a book about finding a way to navigate life with POTS. Join Allie on her long journey as she faces new physical struggles, the fear of the unknown, and feeling of loss and hopelessness- and then over comes them with the help of her new canine companion, Compass.

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My Dinner With The Founding Fathers
Award winning book cover, My Dinner with the Founding Fathers, Founding Fathers images, Founding Fathers, Short Story collections, history books, George Washington, Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry, John Adams, Benjamin Rush, Henry Knox, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, quotes, American history

About The Book 

A.L. Talarowski brings you face-to-face with America’s Founding Fathers in her new book My Dinner With The Founding Fathers. Using actual quotes, she holds the conversations you have always wanted to have with men like Samuel Adams, George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin. Step into her imagination and learn history like never before.

Like Cats and Dogs
Family board game, pet adoption, Like Cats and Dogs, board game designs

About The Game

In Like Cats & Dogs, each player runs their own pet shelter. The objective of the game is to get all the pets in your shelter ready to be adopted and paired with the perfect family. First player to empty their shelter wins!

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