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American Fiction Awards Finalist

The American Book Fest’s 2022 American Fiction Awards Short Stories Finalist

We are happy to announce that My Dinner With The Founding Fathers: A Collection of Short Stories About Dining with the Men Who Built America was announced as an Award-Winning Finalist in the American Book Fest’s 2022 American Fiction Awards in the Short Stories category.

A Word of Gratitude from the Author

This book, as all books are, was a labor of love. But it was a lot of labor. The research I did for this project was vast, and it took years to find, absorb, and curate the quotes that make up the dialogue of these stories. In this long and tedious process, I encountered some physical and personal challenges that pulled me away from the work. But with the support and care of my loving husband, I came back to task refreshed and was able to see the book again with clarity and purpose. The purpose of this book – of these thirteen short stories – is to show readers what America was built on and for and to be; to remind them that while America has done and continues to do some heinous things, Americans have always generally reprobated them and worked to change it; and to teach history in a fun and relatable way that sparks an understanding that the Founding Fathers could and would and did relate to us and our issues today.

Today, I am humbled and honored to be named a finalist in the American Fiction Awards by the American Book Fest. I am grateful to my husband for his support, thankful for my mother for her education, and to my father feeding my curious mind, and for the Founders’ for not only giving me someone to write about, but a country to write for.

Get Your Copy of the Award-Winning Book on Amazon

You can get your copy of the now Award-Winning title on or at

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