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New Book Announcement

Under The Sun Publishing is proud to announce Compass Points the Way, a book about finding a way to navigate life with POTS. Available November 20, 2022.

October is Dysautonomia Awareness month and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) is one of the most common manifestations of Dysautonomia. In honor of the Dysautonomia Awareness month, we are announcing our new book, Compass Points the Way. Compass Points the Way is about a young soccer player, Allie, whose life is turned inside out, upside down when she passes out on the soccer field. She – and her entire family – must deal with the frustrations and uncertainties of a long diagnostic process and emotional life changes. Although she has a good support system at home, Allie can’t help feeling a little isolated and misunderstood. Enter Compass.

Compass is a smart, sweet, lovable hunting dog who suddenly finds himself in need of a new home. Allie’s mom thinks a canine companion might be just the thing to help Allie through this new period in her life. Is Compass up to the task? Will the doctors find a way to help her? Will she ever play soccer again? Find out on November 20th when Compass Points the Way releases on Amazon and at

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