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Under The Sun Publishing


Under The Sun Publishing is an independent publisher of books and board games, created by me – Alexis Kline. I strive to create and publish content that is family-friendly, educational, and lots of fun.

About Alexis Kline

I was born in Willingboro, NJ, and moved to central Pennsylvania when I was 6 years old. I am now married, and we have a giant Newfoundland pup named Lady. My husband and I met while working together at a theme park. We are known for acting older, and more curmudgeon-y than we are or should be, and for going to sleep very early… unless it’s fantasy football season. During the football season, we like to have long debates about players and matchups long into the night.

Growing up, I was an avid soccer player. I would only play until I was 12, before becoming disabled to continue with Dysautonomia symptoms. Despite having to leave the sport at such a young age, it was my first true passion. My first dog, Maddie – a beautiful Australian Shepherd – helped me through the diagnosis process and beyond.

I have two older siblings: one brother and one sister. We were all homeschooled by our loving Mother. Homeschooling can be a great way to foster each child’s strengths and tailor their education to them, teaching according to each individual’s learning style. As an active kid with an active imagination, storytelling and creative writing were emphasized across all subjects, helping me to get actively involved in each lesson. Storytelling became my passion.

I have had many passions in life – soccer, writing, history, dogs, fantasy football, playing hard, and working hard. Storytelling allows you to explore all of your interests and – hopefully – share them in a way that excites and intrigues others. Storytelling can be done in many ways: through audio, like podcasts and radio; through entertainment, like theater, television, and movies; through advertising and media, like commercials, posters, and billboards; or through art, like paintings, photographs, and drawings. But I’ve always been an old soul, and there’s a special place in my heart for the good, old-fashioned written word.

I started sharing my writings in a blog when I was a teenager, mainly writing about history and politics. I eventually started a second blog about Christian living. Neither of those original blogs are still operative, but it was while writing those blogs that the idea for my first book, My Dinner With The Founding Fathers was born. Writing this book allowed me to combine my passion for writing and history, and package it into a fun, educational read for learners of all ages. I just had to bring it to market. For that, I created Under The Sun Publishing.

My Purpose and Under The Sun Publishing’s Mission

They say that where passion meets ability and opportunity, you find your purpose. My passion, and my mission with Under The Sun Publishing is to use my ability to write and create games to enrich people’s lives – helping them learn, grow, and gain enjoyment. I’ve created Under The Sun Publishing to provide me with the opportunity to do so.

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